10 most innovative products 2011

NOT many of us are aware of the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) sponsored Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) on a yearly basis as it is thousands of miles away from the country in Las Vegas, USA.

However, where an exhibition of hundreds of electronic product categories of audio, visual, digital imaging, gaming, network systems, wireless products, accessories, home theater, until the car was held not far when it feels @ Metro will explore a number of initiatives it is produced during the process.

Although it has never been out of the United States to meet the demands of other users, CES promising future line of electronic products to be seen throughout the year.

CES held in January each year to enable device vendors to develop electronic products for the consumer market wants to be on display throughout the year.

Concerned that consumers find exhibitions since June 1967 in New York later in Las Vegas, Nevada is an attraction even though it is not open to the public.

CES 2011 saw the potential to meet the user the next day until January 9 with the expected 100 thousand visitors and participants who will attend. Despite the ability of a world recovering from the recent economic recession, the CEA expects rapid growth as the consumer electronics industry is estimated to reach more than half a billion dollars in the U.S..

Many analysts expect the technology related to network systems, tablet computers, three-dimensional (3D) and the television is connected to the Internet and word of mouth will be introduced by many major vendors all it lasted.

After the network capacity in Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX), network technology comes on the fourth generation (4G) technologies highlighted through the Long Term Evolution (LTE) to be introduced at CES.

What's more, the giant American telecommunications company AT&T rumored to be first introduced antenna technology support services 'multi-entry multi-exit' (MIMO) at speeds up to 144Mbps in the middle of this year.

LTE is a standard developed for mobile broadband networks from the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) includes the implementation of several applications run at speeds up to 144Mbps on a 20MHz lines, in the 2.6GHz frequency waves.

Growth is directly rewarding and practicality of mobile services. In the meantime, more people want to speed as can be derived from the LTE system.

This new standard operate in both the paired spectrum (FDD) or unpaired (TDD), 1:25 sMenyokong broadband channel-20MHz, making more efficient use of spectrum for wireless frequency wave of future and existing.

LTE is capable of creating the next generation of wireless ecosystem to enable the connection of internal and international roaming for LTE networks by the first quarter of 2011.

Services using LTE technology capable of providing voice and messaging services that provide high-quality full internal connections in the world.

LTE technology to network-based Internet protocol (IP) was first used for the mobile industry is responding quickly to the delivery of mobile data.

To enable the delivery of LTE to support voice and message, the IP will be used as an aid to the 2G and 3G experience using the integrated update.

Using the 2.6GHz spectrum licenses, LTE catalyst market mobile broadband industry, but are identified by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as a 'connection to the 3G' is important in satisfying demand for greater bandwidth capacity.

Human madness of technology is focused on portable tablet devices will continue to steal the company's average electronics manufacturers to produce devices in the category at CES 2011 press conference later.

After the success of the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, many more vendors will show the unique characteristics of their race and of course BlackBerry will also stole the limelight by Playbooknya later.

Sensitive touch-screen capability factors play an important role in the production of mobile tablet as it is said to provide better support services to communicate through the Internet.

Apparently, the function of a touch sensitive screen and allows users to browse a device better, no matter where they are located.

User interface (UI) based on the touch screen to enable improved productivity and enrich the new communication patterns through any device.

He said easy to use and user friendly as designed based on the experience and the movement of the user through the keyboard computing devices.

It has two layers that contain materials to spread the light to transmit and receive signals and allows the user to select menu options by touching the screen.

There are various methods of making the screen includes two layers of sensor technology, surface acoustic wave (SAW) and infrared rays.

Segment size and the tablet has a smaller memory than a desktop, notebook or netbook, but it is larger than the demand for smart phones.

3D also plays an important role in the entertainment world when most electronics companies have been offering his experience in television after he successfully carried out at the cinema.

Based on the information, a 3D image generated using the 'capabilities' in stereoscopic eye to see the distance between its points of about 6.4 centimeters (cm).

Points on the left and the right to produce images on a slightly different angle, but when the brain interprets the two images are generated from points to an image, it will produce a depth and accuracy of the object being viewed.

This concept is then absorbed through innovation in the TV panel as an example of a TV that produces HD 3D display different images based on the angle separating the left and right eyes.

Left and right images are then displayed alternately at the 60 frames per second (fps) bringing the total to 120 fps for a single view of both the angle of the eye.

Income assistance 3D glasses shutter actively receiving TV signals from the panel to coordinate the opening of the right or left side mirror in parallel with the rhythm of the image on the screen.

The mechanism to close and open the right side mirror on the left or vice versa occurs at a speed beyond human eyes flicker that once gave to the image produced on TV.

CES 2011 will see the audio and visual (AV) introduced recording devices such as broadcast television decoder, 3D, 3D compact cameras, Blu-Ray 3D, Blu-Ray disc players or camcorders 3D 3D.

Another focus is certainly directed to the device special box (box set) for the implementation of smart TV that combines the advantages of digital transmission with wireless broadband Internet connection.

Advantages of online TV setup box to depend on the ability of broadband cable infrastructure that requires the use of minimum or in some cases not even use wireless.

TV programs transmitted to the digital network capable of providing quality high-definition video (HD) market with a resolution up to 1.080 pixels providing TV programs and movies on demand which can be viewed using the manual router connection to the HD media player.

Television signal reception system which models are most effective in the market today because of small size, easily placed in front of the TV guide.

Broadcasts will be linked to the HD media player using standard Ethernet or broadband connection.

Inovasi Terbaik 2011 mengikut kategori tertentu ketika pameran kali ini termasuk barangan terbabit.
CES is produced by the vendor to recognize innovation when they awarded the Best Innovation 2011 by certain categories during this exhibition include:
1. High power amplifier produced through the Classe Audio Inc. CA-M600 models are designed to produce a number of extraordinary power, thereby maintaining the temperature of production under tight control for reliable superior audio performance that enables them to steal the Best Innovation Award in the category of audio components.
2. HD 3D display systems for a variety of game-powered GPU NVIDIA GTX 400 series to edge the game sound produced by its Digital Storm 'cause' they won the Best Innovation Award in the category of computer hardware.
3. Model HP Hewlett Packard Photosmart eStation produced that allow users to access, view and print Web content at any time, anywhere around the house they won the Best Innovation category of computer accessories
4. Category of digital imaging company Eastman Kodak Company saw a video camera to create a pocket-sized KODAK PlaySport of 1080p HD video recording and still image 5MP with the ability to withstand water as deep as 10 feet that won the Best Innovation Award category involved.
5. Best Innovation Award in the category of eco-design and continuous technological products won the Solar Components, Joos Orange is a high powered solar charger that works in any weather conditions, including in the water.
6. Microsoft Corporation also won the Best Innovation Award by Kinect game hardware categories specifically for the Xbox 360 console to detect movement of the body to move the game.
7. Internet TV product & Blu-ray Disc (TM) Player Powered by Google TV is the first Internet TV in the world that Sony made use of two platforms - television and the Internet to bring consumers unparalleled entertainment experience. He won the Innovation Award category Best Online Audio / Video Content.
8. Kenmore Elite dishwashers Dishwasher is equipped with an interactive LCD screen color control to help users get the laundry clean, fast and effective cleaning tips. The product of Kenmore won the Best Innovation Award category for home furnishings.
9. Best Innovation Award in the category of personal electronics products won the company that produces models Recon Instruments Transcend the 'goggle' first equipped with GPS and software allowing data transfer.
10. HTC HTC Evo 4G produced Anguerah won the Best Innovation category of mobile phone displays an amazing multimedia experience that uses a 4G network with Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz processing speed to ensure the wearer.
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