Novel : Ayat - Ayat Cinta By Habiburrahman El - Shirazy

Signs of love is a 411 page novel written by a young Indonesian novelist born 30 September 1976, called El-Shirazy Habiburrahman. It is a masters graduate of Egypt and is now returning to their homeland. Glance, this novel as novels most of which try to spread Islamic preaching through a work of art, but having worked on more it appears this novel is a novel combination of Islamic, cultural and popular novel of love that many young people. In other words, this novel is as accurate as a means of transmission media preaching to anyone who would like to know more about Islam, especially for the young servant who will be a continuation of the nation.
This novel talks about the way people love the two children of different backgrounds and cultures; which one is the Indonesian students are currently studying the Al-Azhar University of Egypt, and one is from Germany mahasiswi who happened to also study in Egypt. This love story started when they accidentally met in an intense debate in a Metro (a car).

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